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About Us


The South and West Wales Safety Group predecessors was founded in 1943 to provide a source of information, advice and training on workplace health and safety for  organisations.

Today, the South and West Wales Safety Group  is one of more than seventy Occupational Safety Groups in the UK  affiliated to the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents (RoSPA) and has over 90 member organisations, from small businesses to large industrial enterprises and a range of larger private and public sector organisations.

The South and West Wales Safety Group is the recipient of several national awards for the excellence of its performance and service to our members. We also have an award scheme to reward safety excellence among our membership organisations.

Our mission

Our vision will be achieved by our mission which is to:
  • Offer affordable membership fees.
  • Provide free (or low cost) meetings, courses, conferences and seminars.
  • Facilitate networking for our members.
  • Partner with other professional bodies.
  • Liaise and engage with organisations such as HSE, Local Authorities, Fire Authorities and Health Boards.
  • Promote sensible risk assessments to encourage business growth.
  • Enable SMEs to have a friendly and helpful source of information on safety and occupational health.
  • Make all our events and publications as accessible as possible