South & West Wales Safety Group

Celebrating 75 Years of Safety Excellence

South & West Wales Safety Group

Celebrating 75 Years of Safety Excellence

Safety Certificate

based on accident statistics.

Safety Shield

based on your company’s safety plans/programme three awards: one for large organisations with more than 250 employees, one for SMEs with 250 or fewer employees and one for microbusinesses with 20 or fewer employees.

President’s Shield

for excellence in Safety Training.

Well-being Award

for initiatives such as health promotion etc.

Chairman’s Shield

Recognises the Health and Safety Employee of the Year who is not employed as a safety or well being health professional. It rewards the employee who has contributed the most during 2018 to improve the health and safety culture within their organisation.

Applying for an Award

Applications forms for our 2019 awards will be available in December 2019. This will give you plenty of time to start planning and gathering data for your submission.

Paid members are eligible for our awards which include new members who have joined in 2019. 

NB. The independent adjudicating panel will not audit the application or visit your premises.

We rely on the honesty and integrity of our members and confidentiality is assured.

Large quantities of information such as your annual report, safety policy, other reports, photographs etc are not required.

If you engaged in partnership working or supported small organisations etc, brief details would be helpful as would brief details of a business case which led to your safety/health initiatives.

If you require more information on the award application process so that you are prepared for next year please do not hesitate in contacting Derek Winkey: